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Kyoto Night Cruise Bus

Did you miss the Kyoto's best sightseeing spots? Most of the temples and shrines close after five... where else to go at night time?

Well, you still have a chance to view Kyoto's cultural spots. The Kyoto Night Cruise Bus will take you to Toji Temple, Nishi-Honganji Temple, Nijo-jo Castle, Imperial Palace, Shimogamo Shrine, Yasaka Shrine, Heian-Jingu Shrine, Chion-in Temple, Kamogawa River, ... and more.

You just get on the bus from 5 starting points, relax and enjoy 95 minutes of the tour.

And more, audio guide (English, Chinese, Korean) is available, and you can learn more about the City of Kyoto and its history.

Special lighting up events are now held in Heian-Jingu Shrine and Chion-in Temple.

You'll be amazed by the beauty of the city at night.

Tour rates

<Japanese audio guide>

Adult 1600 yen, Child (7 years - 12 years) 800 yen

<Foreign languages audio guide (English, Chinese, Korean)>

Adult 2100 yen (fare 1600 yen, rental fee for receiver 500 yen),

Child 1300 yen (fare 800 yen, rental fee for receiver 500 yen)

Kyoto Night Cruise Bus:

Reservation via the Internet: (reservation can be made 14 days in advance)

Reservation by telephone: 075-662-1700 (MK Travel) Please tell your boarding date, boarding place, and number of passengers.

■ツアー料金■ <日本語音声案内の場合〉 大人 1600円。小人(7~12歳) 800円 <外国語音声案内(英語・中国語・韓国語)の場合〉 大人 2100円 (乗車料金1600円+レシーバーレンタル料500円) 小人 1300円 (乗車料金800円+レシーバーレンタル料500円)

京都よるバス: PC予約フォーム:日前から受付) 電話での予約:075-662-1700(MKトラベル)ご乗車日、ご乗車場所、ご乗車人数をお伝えください。




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