• yumeyakata

The Koiyama float is in particular worth viewing!

When I hear the sound ‘kon-chiki-chin’ of the Gion Festival, I truly feel happy to have been born in Kyoto. I enjoyed the latter Gion Festival known as Ato-Matsuri in addition to the preceding Gion Festival.

The Koiyama float comes from the legend of China that a carp will become a dragon if it successfully runs up the the dragon gateway waterfall. This float is famous for answering prayers for career promotion and good-luck.

The god image of Koi(carp) looks like trying to jump. The ornament is the tapestry or the 16th century depicting characters and scenes from Greek epics “Illiad” composed by Homer.

As you know, it is registered as an important cultural property, and very excellent!

After having viewed several hoko and yama floats, I took a lunch at a obanzai (traditional style of Japanese cuisine) restaurant and ate sweets at Otabe confectionary shop.

I could enjoyed the Gion Festival by myself freely and leisurely. It was so nice festival.