• yumeyakata

The Gion Festival is so splendid!

Awful lot of customers, clad in yukata of YUMEYAKATA, went to Yoiyama of the Gion Festival as well.

First, they were moved by the form of Naginata Boko float. The head of the axle of Naginata float is fixed with a giant long sword. (It is made of bamboo covered with platinum because the real is dangerous.)

The long sword faces south. Its direction avoids the Yasaka shrine which gods reside or the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

It is good to view hoko and yama of the Gion Festival. Did you look the ornaments each neighborhood possesses. And did you look the flower arrangement of “hiogi” arranged on the occasion of the Gion Festival. The name of Hiogi comes from its fan-shaped leaf.

There are said to have been a legend that evil spirits were dispersed by hiogi in ancient times.

The Gion Festival is indeed an impressive festival.

The latter Gion Festival will be held after this. Please enjoy it thoroughly.