• yumeyakata

I visited a botanic museum of a pharmaceutical company

I like flowers so much.

Since I had an unsatisfied feeling against only cherry blossoms,

I visited a botanical museum which cultivates plants for medical purposes

and useful plants.

The flower of almond, which is just like cherry one, is pink and cute.

Have you ever seen it?

The flower of christmas rose is light color and elegant.

What name is this yellow flower?

I could not see the flower of welwitschia, rare flora in desert, because

it is one of the world’s three rare plants. The leaves look strange.

I like chocolate, but I find it difficult to look cacao fruits.

How big Sakurajima radish, a principal product of Kagoshima Prefecture is!

I feel relax to view flowers. I feel at ease.

After the season of cherry blossoms there are plenty of flowers.

Please don’t feel sad and follow flowers around.