• yumeyakata

For ladies who wish to be a beauty, please pray for the Kannon of Princess Yang Kwei-Fei

The eternal wish of ladies “to become beauty” will be realized at Sennyu-ji Temple.

Sennyu-ji Temple is a high prestige temple of Shingon sect called “Mitera” which has relation with the Imperial Family.

At the Hall of the Kannon of Princess Yang Kwei-Fei, the statue of Princess Yang Kwei-Fei is dedicated. The statue was cast to commemorate Yang Kwei-Fei, who was the most beautiful woman on earth beloved by Prince Genso. The statue opened to the public once in hundred years long time ago. Now you can worship anytime.

Glancing at the elegant butiful figure is of great value.

If you have a goodluck charm, you are sure to turn a beauty.

15 min. walk from City Bus “Sennyu-ji michi” stop

For more information, check here (google map).

Sennyu-ji Temple: http://www.mitera.org/