Only a few seats left for the 2nd tour!

Kyoto Karasuma Tourist Center / Yumeyakata Kimono Rental [Gojo Shop] [Oike Bettei] 

Gion Matsuri Tour with Former Maiko

You could enjoy the festival while hearing the explanation about the culture with Beniko Sensei, a former Maiko.

Let's Go To Gion Matsuri!

Tour Contents

Original Tour done by Gion Matsuri Specialist Beniko Sensei. The tour is suitable for anyone, whether this is your Gion Matsuri or you are already a fan! Beniko Sensei will also share her Maiko story. Please feel free to join the tour with your partner and family. We have prepared 2 tours for you, one for the Early Festival, and one for the Later Festival. There are a lots of benefits for the customers who join the tour.

Yukata Rental Included

This tour already includes Yukata rental. With our popular original design! After the tour finished, you could also strolling by yourself and enjoy the festival! We also sells Yukata!

Starting Point!

Kimono Rental Gojo Shop

5 minutes from Kyoto stat. by taxi. Face to the main Gojo street and Easy access. Near the Hoshoyama float in Gion Matsuri, a float famous as the symbol of love. 

Kimono Rental Oike Bettei

3 minutes form Karasuma Oike on foot. There are many cafes nearby. Near the famous Nijo Castle. Near many floats in the second procession.

Grand Procession Tour held in「Gojo Shop」 

Second Procession Tour held in「Oike Bettei」

You will get to know more about Gion Matsuri


A Moving Museum

There are a lot of floats covered in art pieces, which will make you feel like in a moving museum!


A Former Maiko Will Be Your Guide

You could also ask Beniko sensei about her experience as Maiko.


Climb into a float![Early festival]

Climb into the Iwatoyama float, known for luck. From the top, you can admire the view over Kyoto.


Go around all the floats![Later festival]

Gion Matsuri during the later festival period is usually less crowded. You could even get your pictures taken by our photographers!

You could enjoy the rehearsal atmosphere of the festival all day long. There will be big floats (called Yamaboko) on the streets too! This once-a-year event always makes Kyoto full of excitement! You get to enjoy the food stands, know more about Gion Matsuri history, funny facts, etc. thanks to this special tour!


H.J​ Joined with family

I was not very familiar with the floats' stories, but I definitely learnt more about Kyoto culture during this tour. Without the explanations, I would have just quickly looked at the floats, thinking they were all the same. I am very glad I attended this event.

N.K Joined with friends

The comparison of Gion matsuri during the period Beniko-sensei was a maiko and the current version as well as the back stories were very interesting. It was also great to climb into the Iwatoyama float.

M.I Joined with partner

This was the first time I attended Gion matsuri, and I was very happy to walk around while hearing all the explanations and stories. Thanks a lot!


I am very happy I attended this event: the explanations provided by Beniko-sensei were very clear, and all the staff was very nice. Thanks you very much!

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Take a Peek on Last Year's Tour!

You could check last year's tour here! the tour themes were "Collecting the float stamps" and "Silent prayer". You can check on these pages how these tours went.

※Last year's and this year's tours are different.


2 tours for the Early and the Later Festivals 

Let's Have Fun at Gion Matsuri!

Early Festival Tour From Gojo Shop
A Day Before the Early Festival parade!

Includes a climb into the Iwatoyama float, known for luck.

July 14th  FULL

July 15th  FULL

Dates: July 14th and 15th 2018

Arrival at the shop: 9am

Place: Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata Gojo Shop

Fee: 5,000yen w/o tax (includes yukata rental + dressing)

☆Ladies can get their own new yukata for 6,000yen instead of 5,000yen☆


  • Yukata rental at a good price!

  • Ladies obi belt's decorative string for free rental

  • Handmade leaflet by Beniko Sensei

  • Free water bottle (500ml)

  • Original Design Yumeyakata Fan

  • Gion Matsuri postcard

Original Fan (front) / Handmade Gion Matsuri leaflet

Later Festival Tour From Oike Bettei
Tour with photographer

Includes a walk around all the floats with explanations and professional pictures

Only a few seats left!

Date: July 22nd 2018

Arrival at the shop: 9am, 1pm

Place: Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata  Oike Shop

Fee: 6,000yen w/o tax couple 11,500yen w/o tax

includes yukata rental + dressing ☆Ladies can get their own new yukata☆


  • Obiage and obijime included in yukata rental

  • Professional photoshoot during the festival!

  • Handmade leaflet by Beniko Sensei

  • Free water bottle (500ml)

  • Original Design Yumeyakata Fan

  • Gion Matsuri postcard

You get the pictures taken during the tour by download!

How to book

Please tell our staff「Gion Tour」


Former Maiko・Beniko Sensei

Beniko Sensei is a former Maiko who lives in Kyoto. She is a real specialist of Gion Matsuri, which she loves so much that she lives in the area where one of the floats is stored! Enjoy Gion festival by listening to Beniko-sensei's explanations while walking around in kimono!

【Translator(English・Chinese)】For our overseas customers, a translator would accompany you ※Please contact us for other languages

Blog"Do you know?" by Beniko-sensei

Beniko-sensei's appearance on this year's spring TV program "Kiyoshi and Kuroda's Today's Hee-Hoo"

First tour【July 14th and 15th】From Gojo shop
Details about the "Early Festival" Tour

Includes the visit of the Iwatoyama float, symbol of the story of Amaterasu, Goddess of Light, going out of her cave. Let's have fun going around the floats! You can also collect float stamps.

Second tour【July 22nd】From Oike shop
Details about the "Later Festival" Tour

You can enjoy the origins of Gion Matsuri by alking around all the floats and hear their stories. There are fewer people than during the Early Festival, so it is your chance to get a lot of pictures! 


July 14th (Sat) FULL and July 15th (Sun) FULL

①9:00AM at our shop

9:00AM~ reception, choosing Yukata, dressing (hairstyle)

10:00AM~ introduction from Beniko Sensei

10:30AM Tour Start!


Up to 15 people (first-come first-served basis)


《Time/Distance: about 2 hours/about 1.5km》

Yumeyakata Gojo shop special Gion Matsuri mini course → 1.Houshouyama → 2. Naginatahoko → Hoko no Tsuji (Float crossing) (East: Kankohoko/West: Tsukiboko/South: Niwatorihoko/North: Kikusuihoko)→ 3.Tsukiboko → 4. Funeboko → 5. Iwatoyama (visit) → free walk after end of the tour

Meeting Point

Kyoto Kimono Rental Gojo Shop

〒600-8104 128, Manjujicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


5,000yen(without tax/ Couple 10,000yen(without tax)


Get 300yen discount for Yukata Rental!

Return time on 15th July extend to 21pm​


​​※hairstyling not included (available upon reservation)

※Change your Rental Plan to Gion Matsuri Yukata Present Plan (+1,000yen)

About the returning

For Beniko Sensei Tour​

Yukata Rental (14th:Return by 19:30pm/15th:Return by 21pm)


・Payment occurs on the day at our shop.

In case of heavy rain or warnings from local authorities, the tour will be interrupted.

Preschool children cannot be admitted on the tour.

・No eating while walking(drinking OK)

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July 22nd (Sun)  Only a few seats left!

①9:00AM at our shop

9:00AM~ reception, choosing Yukata, dressing (hairstyle)

10:00AM~ introduction from Beniko Sensei

10:30AM Tour Start!

②13:00PM at our shop

13:00PM~ reception, choosing Yukata, dressing (hairstyle)

14:00PM~ introduction from Beniko Sensei

14:30PM Tour Start!


Up to 20 people (first-come first-served basis)


《Time/Distance: about 2 hours/ about 2km》

Yumeyakata Oike shop special Gion Matsuri mini course → 1.Ennogyojayama → 2.Hachimanyama → 3.Kitakannonyama → 4.Minamikannonyama → 5.Koiyama → 6.Kuronushiyama → 7.Suzukayama → 8.Jomyoyama → 9.Hashibenkeiyama → free walk after end of the tour

Meeting Point

Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata Oike Bettei

472-1 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0846